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Five Ways to Help Prevent Church Vandalism

Unfortunately, churches and other religious centers are especially vulnerable to vandalism and property damage. Why? In some cases, vandals are making a statement against the religious views of the community that uses the building or property. In other cases, vandals are simply seeking an easy target for their mischief: a building that may often be empty at night.

What can religious communities do to protect their church property from vandalism?

  • Beef up security. Larger churches may wish to invest in a security guard or security cameras, while smaller religious centers might consider an alarm system and extra lighting. Churches may also wish to get involved in or start a local neighborhood watch program.
  • Protect church vehicles. Church vans and other motor vehicles are at high risk for vandalism. Protect them by keeping them in a locked garage, parking them at your home, and generally not leaving them in an open church parking lot overnight.
  • Take extra care with valuables. Make sure that any cash or small valuables are stored in a safe. Expensive equipment, such as projectors or computers, should be locked in rooms or lockers. Pull curtains and shades closed so that those looking in can’t see valuable property.
  • Keep your property clean. Vandalism attracts vandals! Be sure that any current vandalism is cleaned up quickly and that the property is kept free of trash and debris. Keep the lawn and landscaping well managed.
  • Connect with your community. Getting involved with your community can ensure that neighbors are watching out and that police are stopping by your property regularly to look for vandals. Being active in the community can even prevent vandals from wanting to damage your property.

Church vandalism can leave your congregation with thousands of dollars of property damage on its hands—but in many cases vandalism is covered by property insurance. To learn more about how to successfully file a church vandalism claim, contact The Voss Law Firm today. Our church insurance claim attorneys can answer your questions and help you navigate your claim. Call today: 888-614-7730.

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