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Don’t Give Up Hope When a Church Insurance Claim Is Initially Denied

Your church, ministry offices, or church property were damaged, so you filed an insurance claim to help you recover and start repairs. You may have worried about low payouts or long turnaround times with the insurance company, but what you didn’t expect was an outright denial of your claim for church damages. What happens now?

Don’t Panic at an Initial Claim Denial for Church Damages

First things first—don’t panic. Unfortunately, many owners of churches and religious facilities give up when claims are denied, instead attempting to make do with donations and limited church savings—and sometimes making hard choices about what can be saved or replaced and what is gone forever. But they don’t necessarily have to.

What many policyholders don’t understand is that insurance companies often deny legitimate claims initially, often in hopes of ultimately avoiding making a payout. Although you may be tempted to give in, with legal guidance, many claims that have initially been denied can be successfully resolved. A legal team can help guide you through the necessary assessment, paperwork, documentation, and other tasks throughout the claims process, as well as protect you from common mistakes and pitfalls.

Other Reasons for an Unexpected Church Claim Denial

Aside from insurance company tricks and traps, there may also be simple answers to why your claim is being denied. For example, you may be attempting to claim damage that is not covered under your policy, or you may be submitting a claim without adequate documentation. Even a minor typo that slips by your scrutiny could cause big headaches. Working as your ally, an experienced attorney can quickly identify any problems and help you take a confident step toward the recovery of your church and congregation.

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