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Houston Lightning Strikes Cause Home Fires that Lead to Residential Insurance Claims

The zigzag, flashing bolt of lightning followed by the loud sound of thunder prompts many people to stay indoors during a storm. Lightning typically accompanies a severe storm, causing many people to fear lightning strikes. Although lightning storms during this time of year are rare in Texas, they do still occur, as in late August when a rare storm in Houston lit up the sky.

Not only can lightning cause damage to electronics and other items in many homes, but lightning strikes cause fires to start, as was the case in Houston. Firefighters were kept busy putting out flames throughout the night, as homes and other buildings caught fire due to the lightning.

Fires that start from lightning can include:
  • Grass fires
  • Transformer fires
  • Building fires
  • Home fires
  • And more

Fires caused by lightning strikes that affect homes have often started with bushes, trees, and grass catching fire first. If not caught in time, fires move quickly and can destroy homes and essentially everything in them.

This was the case in the August storm when a house on Groveland Hills near Roland Canyon caught on fire. The homeowners were not home. By the time the firefighters got there, they were able to rescue the dog and put out the blaze; however, there was serious damage to the second-story rooftop.

When lightning damages roofing, it may cause damage to the framing and electrical systems as well. When a fire is started from a lighting strike, damage to the walls, carpet, cabinets, and more occur. These situations typically cause structural damage, and cause residents to be displaced from their homes.

Lightning Damage Claims

Most people are confused about lightning strike damage claims, and are not really sure that their insurance policy covers this type of damage. Although most policies do cover this sort of damage, it may require fighting with the insurance company to get the appropriate settlement.

It's bad enough that your home is damaged, but dealing with the insurance company to pay your fire damage claim and lightning damage claim can be exhausting. If your insurance company is acting in bad faith, delaying payment or has denied your insurance claim, please call a skilled Texas insurance claim attorney at the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 to schedule a free legal consultation today.

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