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Industrial Properties Affected by Flood May Sustain Costly Damage to Specialized Features

Industrial spaces are often complex work sites that have been carefully built to meet the needs of the company that uses it. When a major flood affects an industrial building or complex, the policyholders’ needs are much different than those of a typical home or business owner—and the damages can be extremely costly. Unfortunately, policyholders aren’t always able to resolve their flood claims quickly or for the full cost of the damages.

Industrial Buildings May Have Specialized Features That Are Damaged by Flood Waters

Industrial buildings that are in the path of rising flood waters can sustain damage to:

  • Sensitive inventory and archives
  • Manufacturing areas
  • Cleanrooms
  • Specialty equipment
  • Inventory and productions materials
  • Chemical and waste storage
  • Large complexes and multiple buildings

These specialized features are often crucial to the brand and business, and water damage is a major threat to equipment, documents, and structures of all kinds. In many cases, delays to repairs and recovery can threaten the business and affect relationships with clients, so it’s important to maximize your flood claim as early as possible and fight for a full recovery.

Industrial Policyholders May Have to Fight for the Flood Recovery They Deserve

Although repairs and replacements can be extremely costly, industrial policyholders may be put in the position to fight for their flood coverage, and there are sometimes arguments over what is covered. Whether your industrial complex has grown since you last looked over your policies or you simply disagree with the insurance company over the terms of your coverage, you may need to bring in outside help to settle your claim fairly and get your property back in shape for production.

If you are having trouble resolving an industrial flood-damage claim, you can start getting answers today from a policyholder attorney who has experience helping individuals and businesses make the most of difficult insurance claims. Reach out to our law office today at 888-614-7730 to talk about your concerns and schedule a free and confidential case review.


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