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Have You Thought About Your Industrial Flood Insurance Lately?

While flooding might not be the biggest concern on your mind in the coldest part of winter, flood season is just around the corner. Before the spring rains move into your area, take the time to review the flood coverage for your industrial property and make sure that you’re ready for the worst.

Too often, large industrial operations evolve and change without making changes to their insurance policies. As you add buildings, purchase equipment, change production, or otherwise make changes to the property or its purpose, it’s important to talk with your insurance company and make sure your flood coverage is up to date.

Changes that seem small to you can make a big difference in how you’re protected in the event of flood—and it’s wise to have a clear and current idea of what to expect from an insurance claim in the event of high waters. Each industrial’s property has unique needs when it comes to the risk of flooding, and regular communication with the insurance company can help you plan for potential problems.

Understanding and taking control of your flood coverage takes some effort on your part, but it can help you—and your insurance company—avoid unpleasant surprises when you need help to recover.

If you’ve already run into surprises with an industrial flood-insurance claim, or if you’re still trying to settle a flood claim from last spring, consult with our experienced policyholder attorneys for help. You can reach us today by using the live-chat service on this page or simply calling toll-free at 888-614-7730.


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