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No Company is Immune to Texas Commercial Fire Damage

Dry conditions, high winds and lightning strikes are the cause of many wildfires. Although many wildfires happen in remote areas, no home or business is immune to fire threats and property damage. During fire season, brittle conditions can cause unexpected fires to occur, just as parts of Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado have experienced recently.

When businesses incur fire damage or a major loss, it is very difficult for a business to recover, even when the people running the company are experts in their field and know how to run and manage their business. Despite being experts in their fields, all business owners need to understand their commercial insurance coverage and what exactly they are insured for and against. After all, insurance is supposed to protect their investment – their company. 

Businesses aren’t just vulnerable to threats from wildfires, but fire threats could come from an adjoining business, lightning strike, electrical fire or other cause. When commercial fires in Texas occur, the damage can be devastating. Although a fire could be considered accidental damage, major damage and loss could be the result. Unfortunately, some businesses are so hurt in a major loss that they may never be able to recover.

When a company is unable to make it following a fire, it is generally because the company did not have business interruption insurance. For companies who do have this type of insurance, while still difficult, it is easier to bounce back from a loss. Business interruption insurance can be priceless to a small business owner, and it generally costs about ten percent more than the existing premium. 

Since no company or commercial building is immune to fire or other damages, it is wise for business owners to get business interruption insurance. Additionally, business owners should have processes in place to help prevent fire damage. Business owners should:

  • Avoid storing flammable materials
  • Check smoke alarms to make sure they are working
  • Create and practice a fire evacuation plan
  • Make sure machinery and appliances are turned off when no one is there
  • Verify machinery is kept in good condition and in working order
  • Make sure all critical paperwork and backup drives are in a fireproof safe

Unfortunately, no amount of planning will help keep a business totally safe and free from fire damage or other property damage. If your company suffered damage, whether you have business interruption insurance or not, you should call a Houston commercial insurance attorney for help. 

Because Texas fire damage claims can be complicated, you should at least talk with an experienced lawyer in a free consultation to get your questions answered and find out more about your rights and what your claim may be worth. To schedule a complimentary appointment, call the Voss Law Firm today at 888-614-7730, and also request your free copy of our book Disputes With Your Insurance Company – What All Consumers Need to Know.

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