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Texas Insurance Litigation Lawyer Explains Earthquake Insurance for Shaky Times

Typical homeowner’s insurance policies pay for damages that result from theft, storms, lightning, fires and some other damages that are considered “Acts of God.” So, what happens if your home is damaged by an earthquake? Is it covered?

Why is earthquake insurance needed?

Under a normal homeowner’s insurance policy, losses caused by an earthquake are rarely covered. This is why earthquake insurance needs to be purchased separately so that in shaky times your property damages will be covered.

Earthquakes are rare in Texas, so earthquake insurance is relatively cheap to purchase. It is wise to have earthquake insurance, as earthquakes in Texas do occur from time to time and cause serious damages that often result in billions of dollars in insured losses. Homeowners need to get the proper coverage so that if an earthquake does destroy their home, they will be able to rebuild.

Things to know about earthquake insurance

Earthquake insurance is not intended to cover everything. It is designed to cover the replacement cost of your house as determined by the dwelling coverage limit in your policy. It does provide some coverage for some contents in your house; however, do not mistake an earthquake insurance policy for your homeowner’s policy. If an earthquake policy covered everything that a homeowner’s policy did, it would be more expensive.

Why don’t more people have earthquake insurance?

Many people mistakenly believe that their homeowner’s insurance would cover damages that resulted from an earthquake, so they do not purchase earthquake insurance. Numerous people don’t believe that an earthquake could destroy their home, and others believe earthquake insurance is too expensive. Whatever your belief, consider the fact that your home is your most expensive asset and should be protected.

If your home was damaged by an earthquake and you do have earthquake insurance, but the insurance company is not providing you with fair compensation, call a trusted Texas insurance litigation lawyer for help in fighting back against your insurance company. To get what you deserve, call the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 and receive a free legal consultation today about your Texas earthquake claim.
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