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Beware: Prior Convictions May Not Stop an Ex-Con From Selling Gold Coins

When you are shopping for gold coins to add to your investment portfolio, how do you know who is on the other end of the phone selling that gold coin to you? Could you be dealing with a convicted felon while buying gold coins?

Recently the Star Tribune reported that the gold coin industry is full of people who have been previously arrested and convicted for theft, fraud, writing bad checks, and are abusing drugs and alcohol. Although there are some ex-cons trying to run a clean shop and wanting to make an honest living, there are others who are looking to make a killing by conducting gold coin fraud scams.

The Star Tribune reported that there are dozens of people that have long rap sheets working in the industry for metro coin companies. Sadly, many coin companies still hire people who have been convicted over and over again for theft. What's frightening is that these people could be dealing with you and other clients without your knowledge.

Criminal records aren't that rare among many of these precious metal sellers. The Star Tribune investigated many workers in the industry and found at least six dozen workers that have been convicted of theft, forgery, fraud, and bank robbery. Since licensing isn't required and the industry isn't regulated, there is really no telling how many other individuals have backgrounds such as this and are handling people's life savings.

Although some companies run background checks on their employees, other companies do not believe in discriminating against ex-cons. The companies that hire ex-cons either have taken part in such crimes themselves, or they higher ex-cons because they believe ex-cons are highly motivated to make money since they have nowhere else to go.

Sadly, there are many shady salesmen in the gold coin industry that move from company to company with little problem, continuing to sell gold coins and commit gold coin fraud.

Some of these coin shops are being investigated by different state attorney general's offices for complaints of gold scams.

If you feel that you have been cheated out of your money, been a victim of gold coin fraud, received a different coin than promised, or have been promised an increase in value, you should contact your state attorney general's office and file a complaint with the FTC as well. Then, you should call an experienced Texas coin fraud lawyer at the Voss Law Firm today at 888-614-7730, for a free consultation.

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