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Tips to Prevent Lightning from Striking Your Texas Home

Each and every year there are thousands of homes damaged by lightning strikes, which result in residential insurance claims for lightning damage. Lightning is actually responsible for more property damage than even tornadoes and hurricanes. Although there are lightning protection systems that allow lightning to pass through an area without causing damage, a lightning protection system does not prevent lightning from striking.

You may want to install or have a professional install a lightning protection system in your home or place of business if you live in Texas or another area that is prone to lightning strikes. These would include lightning rods and fittings connected by heavy cables to grounding equipment. You can also install surge arresters to prevent surges from entering your home and damaging your appliances and wiring. If you have electronic equipment and computers that you do not want damaged, you should install transient voltage surge suppressors to limit the voltage.

Interior Lightning Damage

Sometimes you cannot simply avoid damage from lightning to your home. Lightning can cause damage to:

  • Electrical wiring
  • Televisions and phones
  • Computers, stereos, and video game consoles
  • Appliances
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Other electronics in your home 

When filing a lightning damage insurance claim, do not let an insurance adjuster tell you that your specific item is not covered. If this happens, you need to talk with an experienced insurance claim attorney to find out more about your rights.

Exterior Lightning Damage

Damage to your home may occur on the outside as well. If lightning caused a tree to fall and crush your home's roof, walls, or windows, you may sustain structural damage and electrical wiring damage. Fallen trees due to lightning can damage your home, and you should be compensated for this damage.

In addition, lightning every now and then has been known to spark fires, which can cause your home to burn. This is when you need to turn to professionals who will fight for your recovery. An attorney experienced in handling lightning insurance claims will have a team of professionals to investigate your lightning damage and challenge your insurance company on the compensation you are due from your lightning damage claim. Call the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 today for a free consultation with one of our skilled Texas residential insurance claim attorneys.

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