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Three Stumbling Blocks in Resolving a Claim for Hurricane Losses on an Agricultural Property

When a hurricane hits a farm or agricultural property, the losses can be devastating. While most farmers and business owners carry insurance coverage to help them recover after a major weather event or natural disaster, there can be some major bumps along the road to resolution. If you’re concerned about potential hurricane damage or a pending claim for losses, here are some “bumps” to watch out for.

Agricultural Policyholders Can Run Into Common Stumbling Blocks When Recovering From a Hurricane

There are a lot of things that can go wrong during the claims process, but here are three common stumbling blocks that agricultural policyholders run into after hurricane losses:

  • Hurricane coverage that doesn’t match the current details of your agricultural property. As your farm or business changes and grows, your insurance coverage and the reality of the property can fall out of sync. This can mean, when a hurricane does strike, that you the policies you carry are inadequate to cover the full extent of your losses.
  • Confusion about how the language of an agricultural insurance policy is interpreted. While you may think the language of your policy means your property is covered in the event of a hurricane, you may find out later that the insurance company interprets certain clauses or language in unexpected ways.
  • Separate coverage for storm-surge and flood damage. Much of the damage done to agricultural properties by hurricanes is caused by flooding and post-storm surges. Check your policy carefully, as these kinds of damages may not be included in your hurricane coverage and must be insured against separately. 

If you are struggling to recover from hurricane damage to your agricultural property, don’t wait any longer to get legal help. You can learn more about your rights by checking out a free copy of our book, Understanding Agricultural Insurance Claims, or calling our office directly at 888-614-7730.


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