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A sinkhole is a natural depression or hole in the surface of the earth. It is caused by the chemical dissolution of carbonate rocks. We are experts at handling sinkhole claims for clients around the globe.

It may sound odd that a natural hole will appear all of a sudden and out of nowhere. The gradual formation is quite understandable and it gives you time to address the problem. However, when the hole is formed suddenly, then you might not have time to deal with it. It can even bring casualties. Fortunately, some insurance cover sinkholes to protect you from their unfortunate occurrence.

The moment you notice sinkholes around your property, you should immediately work on filing your sinkhole insurance claim to make sure that you will be safe and protected. Here are some common steps you need to know before filing your sinkhole insurance claim:

Always be on the lookout for possible sinkhole activity in and around your property. You may notice cracks while you are decorating or cleaning your home. You may also notice leaks on your pool. It is also possible that you will hear from a neighbor that they have sinkholes. These are warning signs that you should take seriously. When these things occur, make sure to inspect your property, inside and out, thoroughly.
File your claim with the insurance company which will conduct a sinkhole investigation.

If you do not trust your skills or capabilities in filing a sinkhole insurance claim, you may contact an experienced and reputable sinkhole adjuster or insurance claims lawyer who can file the claim for you and who can assist you every step of the way. Perform a background research before you contact the adjuster or the lawyer.

In the alternative, you can opt to call the insurance company yourself to file your sinkhole insurance claim. The phone call will only take a few minutes as long as you have all the necessary documents and details with you.

Before making that call, find your insurance policy and declarations page which will contain your policy number, coverage amount and other relevant information.

Determine your Date of Loss or the date when the damage occurred.

If you are calling your insurance company directly, call the number listed on the declaration page.

Once you speak with the authorized representative of the insurance company, give him your name and inform him that you are filing an insurance claim for a sinkhole activity. You will most likely be asked to provide the following: (a) name, (b) address, (c) policy number, (d) type of damage you are experiencing, and (e) date when you first noticed the damage.

When speaking with your insurance company’s representative, keep your answers brief. Your conversation will most likely be recorded so be careful not to give extra and unnecessary information, especially those that can make you appear liable for the damage. The representative will advise you of the next steps.

Your insurance company will determine whether to confirm sinkhole activity in your property and accept coverage for the damage or to deny your claim.

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