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Beware: You Are Not the Only One Filing a Maine Business Interruption Insurance Claim

Because Hurricane Sandy hit during the workweek, many businesses along the East Coast of the U.S. were affected – halting shipments, closing shops, and ultimately losing money. After many Maine business owners were forced to close due to the effects of Sandy, some are still trying to figure out how they can make up their losses.

As insurance claim attorneys, we recommend looking toward your insurance policy. While the policy language may seem like Greek, as it is confusing and full of insurance industry lingo, it is the best place to look to verify your policy limits and see if you have business interruption insurance. While you may never be able to make up lost time, business interruption insurance should be able to help you regain some of your losses.

Because insurance policies can be overwhelming and confusing, it is critical that you find a helpful commercial insurance litigation lawyer to read through your policy, explaining to you what’s covered and what’s not. A skilled lawyer will be able to understand your insurance policy and determine if you have business interruption insurance. While you may not think you may need someone to walk you through your insurance policy, you may be surprised just how confusing and difficult insurance companies make it.

The Large Volume of Business Interruption Claims from Business Owners Following Sandy Can Hinder Your Claim

When large amounts of northeastern businesses came to a halt as a result of Hurricane Sandy, business interruptions were some of the greatest effects of the storm. Due to the large amounts of businesses that experienced massive damage, it is even more critical that you know what your policy says and what your claim is worth because insurance companies are flooded with claims at times like these. When this occurs, insurance adjusters are overworked and busy, leading to the possibility of their making mistakes with your claim. Insurers have been known to not take the proper amount of time to provide an adequate claim value, provide a low value on purpose, or deny your claim altogether hoping you will go away.

Because of the hefty percentage of insurance claims that are business interruption claims, you need to make sure that your claim has an advantage. For help navigating through the aftermath of the storm, call an insurance attorney to help you get your business back to normal as soon as possible by helping you get the compensation you deserve. The commercial insurance claim attorneys at the Voss Law Firm can help. Call 888-614-7730 today for a free consultation and a free copy of our book, Commercial Property Owners Must Read This BEFORE Filing an Insurance Claim.

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