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Six Things Massachusetts Business Owners Should Not Do After Superstorm Sandy

We have previously discussed what to do following Superstorm Sandy but we have not focused on what you should avoid doing during the aftermath of Sandy. Learning what not to do is just as critical as learning what you should do so that you don’t make mistakes with your business insurance claim along the way.

As a Massachusetts business owner, you may be struggling with getting your business back to normal after suffering the physical property damages or the financial damages due to lost business. Although you may want to rush to settle your business insurance claim quickly, read the following things you should not do when dealing with your Sandy insurance claim.

  1. Failing to read and understand your insurance policy — by not reading your insurance policy, you will not be as knowledgeable or prepared as you could be when dealing with the insurance company on your claim.
  2. Failing to be proactive with the claims process — by not contacting your insurer about your claim damage and delaying filing your insurance claim, you may miss a critical window in recovering compensation.
  3. Failing to document everything — by not keeping notes about your conversations with your insurer or failing to keep records of communication including emails and letters, you will not be as prepared to negotiate with the insurer or turn over your documents to an insurance attorney for help.
  4. Failing to request a money advancement — by not requesting emergency funds to help your business get back up and running, you may be hurting your chances of making a full recovery.
  5. Failing to read documents the insurance company has you sign — by signing papers from the insurer, you may be agreeing to a lower settlement than what your claim should be worth.
  6. Failing to seek legal expertise in time — by waiting to talk with an experienced commercial insurance attorney about your claim and your rights, you may sign for and agree to an undervalued claim payout.

Insurance representatives are not the only source of information about Superstorm Sandy insurance claims. When you do communicate with them, remember that they have their own interests in mind—for another perspective, business owners should talk with a skilled policyholder attorney about their Massachusetts commercial insurance claims. Speak with the Voss Law Firm regarding your claims at 888-614-7730 in a free consultation and also get a free copy of our book Commercial Property Owners Must Read This BEFORE Filing an Insurance Claim.

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