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Residents Still Displaced From Apartments After Sandy Causes Damages

Posted on Dec 14, 2012

Several weeks following the fierce storm that affected the northeastern United States, many residents in Connecticut and in other states are still waiting to get back into their apartments, condos, and homes after Superstorm Sandy fiercely destroyed their buildings.

According to a recent news article, residents of an East Haven apartment complex in Connecticut are tired of the tug-of-war over property damages to their building that were caused by Superstorm Sandy.  During the storm, parts of the apartment complex’s roof blew off and caused water to leak into the building. Also, debris from the roof was sent flying through the air, causing more property damage.

Tenants of this apartment complex located at 441 Coe Avenue were forced to evacuate, causing many to be homeless because most of the tenants don’t have renter’s insurance and can’t afford to live somewhere else. For those who had insurance, they, at least, are not out on the street.

Residents of the building complain that no work has been done to the apartment complex, and there is still a large pile of debris around the property. This lack of repair to the apartment structure and the lack of communication has frustrated the tenants.

According to Stephan Gashi, Manager of Coe Realty LLC, they are waiting to hear back about their property insurance claim. The management company told News 8 that they can’t get to work on repairs until they hear back from the insurance company. This is why they haven’t been able to give residents a time frame for when they can move back into their apartments.

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