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Your Weekly Insurance Claim Summary: December 7 - 13

Posted on Dec 13, 2016

'Tis the season to celebrate and by merry with friends and family, however it is also a time to remember safety and caution so as to avoid liability issues and property damage. This weekly insurance claim update will highlight some important reminders regarding hosting a holiday party in the coming weeks.


Playing Host


Homeowners that are willing to throw an ugly sweater party or host a huge family dinner for the holidays shoulder a lot of responsibility. Party planning and hosting involves more than just providing drinks and treats to party guests. Homeowners are also responsible for making sure their guests are kept safe and that their dwelling and personal property does not get damaged during a festive event.


Before guests arrive, homeowners should make sure their walking paths are well lit and free of any obstructions. If a party is to take place outdoors, make sure the weather is cooperating. If high winds or wetness is in the forecast, it would be smart to have a back-up plan that makes it easy to move the party indoors.


Priceless or expensive home items should be moved out of common areas and kept in a secured location. Cash and valuables should be placed in safes before guests arrive for the party.


Serving Alcohol


If a homeowner plans to serve alcohol for a holiday party, it is imperative that they use good judgement and only serve guests that are of the legal drinking age.


The Insurance Information Institute published an article regarding serving alcohol at holiday parties. Their vice president had the following advice, “If you are throwing a party where alcohol is served, you have a responsibility to make sure that your guests are capable of driving safely. You don't want to allow anyone who has been drinking to drive home and possibly kill or injure themselves or others on the road.”


Injuries or fatalities that come as a result of a homeowner's serving too much alcohol can lead to liability law suits and wrongful death claims.


Contact us if you are involved in an insurance claim due to an accident that happened at a party or event, our policyholder advocates are always on stand-by to help a person in need of sound legal advice that will help them get the outcome they deserve.

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