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Your Weekly Insurance Claim Summary:September 25 - October 1

Posted on Oct 04, 2016

Weekly Insurance Claim Update: Hunting Season

The Voss Law Firm strives to keep you in the know when it comes to Insurance Claims and what can affect them. Join Attorney Bill Voss and his dedicated team every week for the Insurance Claim Summary. The season of Fall means there will be shorter days and more pumpkin patches opening for business. It also means hunting season is in full swing. Homeowners that hunt, or are involved with hunters should read this weekly insurance claim update to make sure their insurance policies have adequate coverage.

Hunters on the Property

If a homeowner owns a large acreage in a rural area, chances are they have deer, antelope, elk, and other types of wild game roaming around the area. A lot of homeowners will take advantage of hunting season by allowing hunters on their land.

According to a hunting article printed by Beef Magazine“Anytime someone sets foot on your property, there are liability issues to consider. Now is a good time to double check your insurance and make sure you’re covered if a hunter has an accident on your ground.”

A homeowner should always consult with their insurance agent before allowing hunters or trackers on their property. They should also make sure that rules and guidelines are in place for anyone using their land for hunting. A homeowner should only allow people they know personally on their land. They should also make sure all hunters have a proper hunting license and that they have their own general liability coverage in place should an unfortunate accident occur. Some homeowner’s also make visiting hunters sign a waiver before they set foot on the property.

Wild Animals

Homeowners that live on a ranch or acreage, out in the rural countryside, know that they may be visited by wild animals. People living in these rural areas should talk to their agents and be sure to have a HO5 premium policy in place. This type of policy typically offers the best overall protection for a person’s home and property.

According to the Insurance Education Group, “The HO5 policy is the best house insurance policy that you can purchase. It will protect both your home and your belongings for the most risks. So even in the case of many freak accidents, such as a deer jumping through your window and ruining your furniture, you are covered.”

As strange as it sounds, deer have been known to jump through big windows in homes when they see their own reflection. This type of insurance claim is rare, but it does happen and can result in a lot of damage. This type of situation often means there will be animal blood to clean and broken glass all over the interior of a person’s home.

Are you involved in a claim resulting from a hunting accident or animal damage? Contact us if you need help to secure a fair resolution with your insurance carrier.

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