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Your Weekly Insurance Claim Update: February 27-29

Posted on Mar 01, 2016

Destructive Tornadoes Tear Through The South

The F-2 tornado that hit Laplace, Louisiana last week has caused extensive storm damage to an estimated 400 homes. Of the 400 homes, many are severely damaged, some of which were completely stripped to their foundations. Many homeowners called in claims before the storms had even ended. One property owner says:

“Before the wind stopped blowing I was on the phone with my agent, and the next morning I was on the phone with my agent again.”

Hundreds of calls have come in over the past week, and insurance companies are working to get adjusters out as quickly as possible. The insurance commissioner suggests residents call in claims regardless of the scope of damage. Furthermore, some companies are setting up mobile stations to handle claims right away. Insurance claims may continue to rise as the people of Laplace work to rebuild their community.

Weather Events As a Whole

In general, significant weather events have been on the decline, however. A recent study by J.D. Power found that fewer severe weather events have led to lower premiums. Unfortunately, the study also indicated that customer satisfaction has dropped significantly as well - 28 points on the 1000 point rating scale. The study suggests that customer satisfaction rates have dropped because insurance companies are more focused on cutting costs than providing good customer service. Customer satisfaction is imperative for getting renewals, as the study found that only 14% of claimants will renew their policy if they feel dissatisfied with the company's customer service. This has been the first time that customer satisfaction has dropped in five years.

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