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4 Things to Avoid When Dealing With Your Insurance Company After a Texas Storm or Disaster

After a Texas tornado, hurricane, tropical storm, strong wind storm, or any other type of disaster that caused damaged to your home, you should know what to do and what things to avoid in order for your residential insurance claim process to go smoothly.

Things to avoid include:
  1. Lack of preparation ahead of time: When a storm or disaster hits, it is usually too late to prepare. Before trouble hits, program your insurance agent's phone number into your cell phone and know where your insurance policy is kept in case you need to grab it in a hurry.
  2. Not knowing your insurance coverage: Read your residential insurance policy to know your limits and what your policy covers, making sure that you have adequate coverage before disaster strikes.
  3. Not obtaining the right coverage: Many people think that if they purchase homeowner's insurance that it covers them for earthquakes and flooding; however, this coverage is typically not covered and requires a separate policy. Read your insurance policy to know and understand your coverage. 
  4. Not appealing a low estimate or offer: Many homeowners believe that the insurer's estimate and offer is the only possible compensation they will receive. If you believe the offer is too low and the insurance company is lowballing you, you can hire a residential insurance claim attorney to appeal this decision. 

The best chance of receiving a fair and timely settlement from your insurance company is to hire a skilled Texas insurance litigation lawyer. To talk to an experienced attorney today, please call the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 and request a free legal consultation to review your residential property claim.
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