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Insurance Claims for Wind Damage to an Industrial Property Can Be Painfully Complex

Severe winds may come alone or along with heavy rains and lightning, but the end result is usually widespread damage to roofs and structures in the affected region. While homeowners in the area may have a relatively easy time submitting their claims to the insurance company and getting payment for repairs, the owners of industrial properties don’t often share that ease in resolving even the most common of wind-related claims. Attorney Bill Voss understands that industrial policyholders have a lot at stake, and that it only takes a minor oversight in the process to potentially create major challenges with an industrial insurance claim.

Multiple Steps Involved in Resolving Industrial Wind Insurance Claims

Whether the wind moderately damaged roofing or led to a structure collapse, industrial property owners need to be prepared for the process of getting on-site assessments, estimates, and extensive documentation of:

  • Physical damage to the property. Some damage to an industrial property can be obvious, but there are also “hidden” damages that need to be identified to avoid problems down the road. This is especially the case with wind damage and roofing, so make sure to have a trusted contractor carefully check seams, seals, rooftop equipment, and other components on all property structures.
  • Damage to contents, tools, and equipment. High winds can cause damage to stock, merchandise, machinery, information systems, vehicles, and more. Leaks caused by wind-damaged roofing can also devastate a structure’s contents. All of this damage will need to be thoroughly documented, and this is often a complicated and time-consuming part of an industrial property owner’s insurance claim.
  • Business interruption. You have a responsibility to your clients and your employees, and any time that you have to close your doors or limit output can take a toll on your business. While business interruption coverage can help cover those costs, it’s up to the policyholder to provide careful documentation, fulfill responsibilities, and fight for what the business deserves.

Industrial policyholders also need to think ahead and be ready to mitigate potential further losses. This might include making temporary repairs, developing a claim strategy to ease the process, and getting help to negotiate effectively with the insurance company.

With larger properties, costly investments, sensitive equipment, and customers waiting, industrial policyholders have a lot to think about—and a lot to do—after a storm with high winds hits their area. If your industrial property has sustained major wind losses, and you feel that your insurance claim is getting away from you, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek outside help.

How to Get Help When a Wind Insurance Claim Becomes Too Complex

When industrial property owners are dealing with large insurance claims or unexpected challenges in the claims process, it’s important to talk to an experienced legal representative sooner than later. The longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to help you get the outcome you deserve. Here are some signs that a wind insurance claim merits outside assistance, and that it’s time to look to an attorney for help:

  • A claim has been unfairly delayed. Although some delays may be expected after widespread severe weather, unexplained delays that drag on without a response from your insurer also delay your business recovery and may violate your policyholder rights.
  • A claim has been unfairly denied. Insurance companies sometimes unfairly deny insurance claims, even when those claims come from large industrial policyholders. If you suspect that your claim has been unfairly denied, an attorney can investigate your rights and work toward a solution for you.
  • Damage to your property has been very severe or widespread. When the losses a property sustains in high winds are severe or very costly, it may be a good idea to have an attorney on your side from the start. An experienced attorney can help you arrange needed estimates, attend assessments, prepare your claim, and help you cover all your bases while you focus on recovery.
  • You disagree with the insurance company. If you don’t feel the insurance company is being fair about what is covered by your policy or the true costs of repair or replacement, an attorney can clarify your rights, review your situation, negotiate your claim, and take action against the insurance company if other measures fail.

When looking for an attorney, make sure you take the time to find someone with direct experience helping industrial policyholders with property damage insurance claims. At the Voss Law Firm, our attorneys have decades of experience helping policyholders of all kinds, in Texas and around the world. If you have questions or need help with a claim related to severe winds, contact the Voss Law Firm at 1-888-614-7730.

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