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Tornadoes Threaten Industrial Properties That Are Undergoing Construction or Repair

A recent tornado near Gregory, Texas caused extensive property damage at a construction site, just off Highway 35, and left three workers injured. While the extent of the damage of the partially constructed steel plant is currently unknown, the May 15 storm left a path of destruction on the site that included:

  • An office trailer that was flipped
  • Thousands of pounds of machinery tossed by the wind
  • A guard shack that was destroyed
  • Damage to golf carts, which were used to travel around the site

Photographs of the aftermath also show twisted metal, damaged equipment and machinery, and debris across the property. Although the full costs of repair and recovery may not be known for some time, it is a good reminder for all industrial policyholders to be prepared for the worst when a site is under construction.

Tornado Insurance Concerns for Industrial Sites That Are Under Construction

Tornado insurance claims for industrial properties can be complex, even without throwing additional complications into the mix. For sites that are still under construction, undergoing repairs, or finishing up a new addition, there can be concerns about:

  • The insurance responsibility of property owners, contractors, and others in the event of a tornado
  • Repairing or replacing costly machinery and heavy vehicles
  • Delays in the construction schedule and questions about the property’s future
  • How to estimate losses in an under-construction property
  • Interpretation of policy language for tornado claims
  • How to handle disputes with the insurance company or other policyholders

Severe tornadoes can be difficult to predict or prepare for, but the possibility of risk is an important consideration for any industrial policyholders planning for construction projects during the storm season. If you have questions about an insurance claim for storm losses on an industrial property, or if your claim has been denied, don’t hesitate to call the Voss Law Firm directly at 1-888-614-7730 for immediate help. Our law firm has a long history of helping industrial policyholders with difficult claims, and we encourage you to reach out with your concerns.

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