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What Industrial Property Owners Need to Know About Hidden Roofing Issues and Denied Insurance Claims

Industrial property owners sometimes find out the hard way that they may have to fight for fair coverage after roof damage, especially for damages that aren’t immediately apparent. Many types of roof damage can’t be estimated without a thorough investigation, but they can create big problems if they aren’t discovered promptly.

Hidden Damages to Industrial and Commercial Roofing

A single roof is composed of many parts that can be damaged, and some of those damages are more obvious than others. In industrial buildings, where roofing is often made up of a flat roof, a roof membrane, or foam sealing, there are also potential hidden damages that might include:

  • Tears and leaks due to wind stress on seams around roof equipment and structures
  • Leaks without obvious damage to the roof’s exterior components
  • Damage to underlying roofing layers
  • Weakening of nails and trusses
  • Small damages from hail or debris that ultimately reduce the lifespan of the roof

While gouges in the roofing material, collapses, missing or broken shingles, extensively damaged trusses, and other issues may be clear to the naked eye, these other “hidden” damages may only be spotted by a trained and experienced professional who knows exactly what to look for.

How Hidden Roof Damage Complicates Industrial Insurance Claims—and How to Get Help

Roof damages that aren’t discovered right away can both create additional damage to buildings over time and make it difficult to submit a claim for the damage, which can create major headaches for industrial property owners. If external damage appears minor, it can also prevent you from getting the coverage you need for a full roof replacement. If you are running into problems with a claim for roofing damage, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced legal team for help.

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