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Industrial Roof Damage Claims Are Denied for Many Reasons, but a Denial May Not Be the End of Your Claim

The hail, wind, and rain from this year’s storms have been brutal on industrial roofs of all kinds, and industrial property owners in the Midwest, California, and other regions across the nation have had to rely heavily on their insurance coverage to get back to business as usual in the aftermath. While the owners of damaged industrial properties may hope for a simple recovery under the policies they carry, the truth is that the claims process can truly be brutal for policyholders. In many cases, claims for industrial roof damage are unfairly denied or severely underpaid, and getting fair payment may require the help of an experienced legal team. 

Why Policyholders Struggle to Resolve Industrial Roof Damage Claims

Policyholders faithfully pay for coverage for industrial properties, but their claims are still regularly denied or unfairly resolved. Industrial roofing claims, in particular, can be difficult to resolve for a number of reasons, including:

  • Some damage is not covered under your policy.
  • Time limits for submitting a claim were not met.
  • Investigation of your roof damage claim was insufficient.
  • Pre-existing roof damage led to a denial.
  • The claim is underpaid or covers repairs instead of needed roof replacement.
  • Someone made a mistake—either on your side or the insurance company’s side.

Battling Denials and Underpayments for Industrial Roof Damage

A claim denial or unsatisfactory offer doesn’t have to be the end of your industrial insurance claim. An attorney who has hands-on experience successfully negotiating claims for property owners can help you pinpoint problems, maximize your claim, resolve an unfair denial, and get your industrial property back in business as soon as possible.

Roof damage can be complex, and it’s not unusual for owners of industrial and commercial properties to run into complications with their claims. For more information about fighting unfair claim denials and protecting your rights as a policyholder, connect with The Voss Law Firm on Facebook or Twitter today.

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