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Why has my insurance claim for industrial losses following a storm been delayed?

There are a number of reasons why industrial claims are delayed. While some of these delays can be easily cleared up with a few phone calls or corrected forms, other delays are more difficult and may require the help of an experienced legal team to navigate. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult for policyholders to tell the difference, and many end up putting crucial repairs on hold while they wait for answers that never come.

Why Industrial Insurance Claims Are Delayed—And Why it Could Spell Disaster for Your Business

Even claims that are delayed for valid reasons can have a big impact on policyholders and businesses.   Many industrial complex owners depend on insurance payouts to make repairs, mitigate losses, and move forward with confidence. Unfortunately, delays in this process aren’t uncommon in cases in which:

  • Your claim is very large or complicated.
  • Claims for industrial damage have been filed incorrectly or under the wrong policy.
  • You did not provide enough documentation for the insurance company to resolve your claim.
  • You’ve already refused an unsatisfactory resolution.

While some delays are truly legitimate, there are times when insurance companies unnecessarily delay—or even outright deny—valid industrial property damage claims. If you believe the resolution of your claim is taking too long or has been unfairly delayed, stop taking risks with your business today. Reach out to our experienced policyholder attorneys for fast, personalized help with large industrial damage claims.

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