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The Voss Law Firm Secures Payment for Contractors and Public Adjusters Who Are Waiting on Hail Damage Claims

Contractor Meeting With an Attorney About Unpaid WorkWhen insurance companies deny fair payment for hail damage, the policyholder is not the only one who is affected by the loss. Property owners may have waited months for an insurance settlement, taking on debt to hire contractors and construction professionals to rebuild their homes and businesses. Attorney Bill Voss is proud to partner with public adjusters and trade professionals who have been forced to abandon projects or have not been compensated for their work due to bad faith insurance practices.

Insurers May Leave Contractors and Public Adjusters Out in the Cold

After a severe weather event, property owners will often want to make repairs as quickly as possible. This may mean hiring construction professionals to begin work and public adjusters to assess the damage, paying for costs out-of-pocket while they wait for the insurance company to send a check. Unfortunately, insurance companies will do everything possible to minimize claims, leaving policyholders with a half-finished structure—and denying the professionals they have hired proper payment for their work.

Our referral program was created for the benefit of property owners as well as those they entrusted to rebuild after a storm. Under the law, policyholders who win cases against insurers may be able to recover the total amount owed under their insurance policies—giving them the funds they need to pay their contractors in full.

We work with a variety of building repair and insurance professionals, including:

  • Roofers. Roofs are at particular risk of hail damage, and owners may require complete roof replacement if a slow leak allows the roof to cave in. We regularly speak with roofers who repair hail damage to commercial and residential properties, helping them secure payment from insurers who have denied, underpaid, or delayed claims.
  • Contractors. Stalled insurance claims can be extremely costly for contractors and construction firms. Prolonged delays may make it more difficult for contractors to pay workers or hire additional laborers, hurting their profits as well as their reputation.
  • Landscapers. Large commercial properties may have acres of farmland, crops, gardens, orchards, or green spaces that can be damaged in a severe hailstorm. In many cases, timely insurance payments are the only way landscapers can replant and treat damaged landscapes to avoid future crop and profit losses.
  • Public adjusters. Our law firm is a sponsor of various public adjuster organizations (such as NAPIA) and relies on public adjusters to accurately provide estimates and perform evaluations on many of our claims. Since our attorneys have the ability to seek extra damages for attorney’s fees, interest, penalties and extra-contractual damages—in addition to the amount of loss calculated by the public adjuster—our relationships with these professionals give policyholders the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Working With Voss Law Firm to Settle a Hail Claim

Our attorneys can step in at any point in the claims process, advising policyholders and their contracted professionals on bad faith insurance practices. Our extensive experience in adverse weather claims allows us to handle each referral quickly and efficiently, allowing policyholders nationwide to get the funds they need to pay those who will help them rebuild.

Our referral services are tailored to help our clients:

  • Maximize payment. Our attorneys are well aware of the tricks insurance companies use to delay and deny claims, and will not hesitate to file a lawsuit against the insurer if negotiations will not secure adequate payment. We also fight to recover all necessary legal fees, forcing the insurance company to pay for our services instead of the property owner.
  • Reduce wait times. Delays in payment can mean daily compounded interest on debts while increasing the costs of labor and materials. The earlier our attorneys are brought in, the more likely our clients will be able to secure a settlement that pays for their out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Minimize upfront costs. We know how delays can place a burden on both property owners and contractors, creating cash-flow problems that can make it more difficult to secure legal representation. That is why the Voss Law Firm, P.C. does not require any money upfront from clients, and only collect fees for our services after we have successfully recovered payment from an insurer.

If you are a contractor, public adjuster, or any other professional whose work has been stalled due to non-payment of an insurance claim, please reach out now for a personal phone call with Attorney Bill Voss at 888-420-1172, or fill out the form located on this page.


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