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Brisbane Residents May Be Battling Confusion With Flood Claims in Aftermath of Storm

A major storm hit Brisbane during rush hour on a late-November afternoon and left homes, cars, and roadways throughout the city flooded. The storm battered buildings and cars with high winds, hail, and heavy rainfall, and policyholders have reported two major categories of water damage in the aftermath:

  • Damage from flooding. Because the rainfall started suddenly during rush hour, the streets were packed with vehicles that were stranded in the high waters that covered roadways across Brisbane. Flash flooding opened sink holes and washed over properties across the area.
  • Water exposure from hail and wind damage. Many buildings lost their entire roofs, suffered broken windows, or lost walls to flying debris, creating major problems as rainwater poured into exposed homes, apartments, and businesses. According to a report from ABC News in Australia, some residents had to watch helplessly as water rushed from light fixtures and down stairwells.

Unfortunately, coverage for different types of water damage from the same storm can be covered under very different terms and policies, and many Brisbane residents will have to look over their existing policies very carefully to make sure they get a fair resolution from their flood claims.

Insurance Companies Deny, Delay, and Undervalue Flood Claims When Large Regions Are Affected

Sorting out claims under flood and water-damage policies can be complicated enough, but it’s even more confusing for policyholders when insurance companies take aggressive action to fight and undervalue large-scale flood claims. If you filed a claim for flood damages after the Brisbane storm that has been denied, underpaid, or delayed, start getting the answers you need to defend your rights as a residential or commercial policyholder. Choose one of our informative books as a free gift today.


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