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Large Hail Blamed for Major Losses After 100-Year Storm in Brisbane

The 100-year storm that moved through Queensland on November 27, 2014, dropped golf-ball-sized to softball-sized hail on the city of Brisbane, and insurance claims for hail damage are rapidly rolling in. As people get a chance to assess and estimate the widespread damages from the supercell, individual and commercial policyholders are expected to file millions of dollars in claims just for hail losses alone—and they may not have an easy time getting what they need.

Vehicles and Buildings Took a Beating From November Hailstorm

Several factors made the hail related to this storm intense for Brisbane residents, and it’s not a surprise that there are so many insurance claims currently pending for damages to:

  • Vehicles. Because the storm hit at a high-traffic time of day when many Brisbane residents were making their commute home, roadways were filled with people trapped in their cars as large hailstones broke windshields and left dents. Local airfields also reported serious hail damage to planes and helicopters.
  • Buildings. Hail destroyed roofing, broke windows, and ravaged the exteriors of multiple homes and business structures throughout the city. Although many reports of major hail damage to some notable structures have been released—including damage to the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre—it could be some time before the full extent of damage to residential, governmental, and commercial buildings is known.

Brisbane Residents Could Be Left Waiting for Resolution of Insurance Claims for Hail Damage From the Storm

Large hailstorms can make it hard for policyholders to resolve their insurance claims quickly. There is often a long waiting list to get needed assessments, estimates, and temporary repairs in order, and insurance companies are more motivated to minimize hail claims when a large area has been affected. However, it is possible to get help if you run into challenges and delays.

If you are having trouble getting the resolution you deserve from a hail-damage claim related to the Brisbane storm, don’t hesitate to contact our legal team by phone or via the Live Chat on this page for help with your concerns.


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