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High Winds Removed Roofs and Tossed Debris in Brisbane Storm

The supercell storm that moved across Queensland at the end of November was accompanied by wind gusts up to 85 mph, and many residents report that the aftermath of the storm left Brisbane “looking like a warzone.” The high winds ripped through the city and caused extensive damages, such as:

  • Removing roofs. ABC News in Australia featured stories from numerous Brisbane residents who literally lost the roofs over their heads in the storm. One airfield describes cyclonic winds building up enough pressure to lift the roof in a hangar, and several homeowners described fear and confusion as they heard the storm tearing the roofing from their homes.
  • Uprooting trees. Trees across the city were downed or uprooted by the high winds, and debris was tossed at a high velocity toward vulnerable cars and buildings. Trees, branches, metal signs, fencing, and other debris smashed through windows, destroyed roofs, and punctured exteriors across the city. Roadways were also blocked by debris in many areas.
  • Taking down power lines. In the city of 2.2 million, at least 90,000 homes were without power as winds downed power lines, and many remained without power for days after the storm.
  • Tipping planes. Archerfield Airport reported that seven small planes were overturned by the winds, and multiple helicopters were also affected. Planes broke from their tethers and became briefly airborne, and at least one hangar also suffered damage.

After a major windstorm, policyholders can have trouble getting the help they need from the insurance companies. Wind-damage claims are often steeply undervalued, and sometimes these claims are outright denied without good reason. If you have suffered extensive property losses in the November storm in Brisbane, you don’t have to feel helpless while working with your own insurer. The Voss Law Firm has helped policyholders all over the world maximize and succeed with storm claims, and we urge to look through one of our free books for more information about defending your policyholder rights.


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