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More Than $150 Million in Insurance Claims Expected After November Storm in Brisbane

A sudden storm at the end of November caused widespread destruction in the Southern Australian state of Queensland—and especially in its capital city. Brisbane was hit particularly hard by the storm, and some officials estimate that the supercell was the worst storm the city has seen in a decade—or even three decades. Now that the storm is over and cleanup has begun, many residents and businesses in the city are looking at filing insurance claims for major repairs and costly replacements, which ABC News in Australia reported could add up to $150 million.  

If you are a home, or business owner that needs help with your insurance claim following this costly storm, The Voss Law Firm can help. Our experienced insurance litigation lawyers can discuss your issues for free, with no obligation. Our law firm is located in the United States, but we are helping people just like you in Brisbane get the insurance claims they deserve.

Policyholders Filing Claims for All Kinds of Extreme and Costly Storm Damages in Brisbane

Because the November storm hit at a time of day when there was a lot of traffic on the road, the weather event affected many people across the metro area and could be especially costly. The fury of the storm caused widespread destruction to buildings and vehicles in the city, including damages from:

What Is a “100-Year Storm?”

The storm that swept through Brisbane on November 27th, 2014, was a supercell that dropped enough rain to be classified as a “100-year storm.” Although you might have heard the term and naturally assumed that it refers to a storm that only happens every 100 years, you might be surprised to learn the truth. The label actually has more to do with complicated weather predictions and means that the rainfall volume associated with the storm had a one-percent probability of occurring in Brisbane this year—essentially, there was a 1 in 100 chance that a storm of that intensity would hit Brisbane on any given day.

While these storms do crop up more often than every hundred years, they are no less damaging for their frequency. As a result of this most recent 100-year storm, Brisbane is looking at a long road to full recovery from the damage done.

“Bad Faith” Insurance Tactics Are Common After Large-Scale Weather Events

After a large-scale weather disaster, insurance companies work hard to minimize how much they must pay out in storm-damage claims—routinely going as far as denying legitimate claims or delaying the resolution of claims without reason. Many claims are also undervalued by insurance company assessments and end up being severely underpaid.

If you are having trouble with an insurance claim related to the Brisbane 100-year storm, you don’t have to struggle in the dark. Find out what you need to know about maximizing property damage claims and avoiding “bad faith” insurance tactics by requesting one of our free books and reports, which are tailored to commercial and private policyholders in a wide range of situations—or use the live-chat service on this page to connect with our team of policyholder attorneys now.

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