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Crop Insurance: Four Important Deadlines Related to Coverage

Crop insurance is a vital risk management tool for farmers and producers across the country. However, simply having a crop insurance policy isn’t enough. You also have to make certain that you have the correct amount of coverage and that you report the correct information to your insurer before and after your loss event.

Specifically, there are four important deadlines to keep in mind when dealing with crop insurance policies and crop insurance claims:

  • When applying for coverage – Crop insurance differs from many other types of insurance in that there is a specific growing season and an annual deadline for getting coverage.
  • When planting your crops – What you plant, where you plant it, and when you plant it usually changes each year. This means that your crop insurance should also change each year. If you don’t cover all of your new crops, you won’t be protected during a loss event, such as a hailstorm.
  • When reporting your acreage – Again, if you buy new land, rotate your crops, or sell land, your crop insurance coverage needs to change – and you need to make this change by a certain date.
  • When filing a claim – In general, you should make crop insurance claims as soon as possible after your yield is affected and your crops are damaged. Waiting too long to file can be detrimental to your claim.

What should you do if you miss one of these deadlines, or if you have filed a claim that was denied or underpaid? You may wish to speak with a Texas crop insurance attorney about your options for action. You may also wish to download our free digital book: Understanding the Agricultural Claims Process.

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