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Waiting to Resolve Flood Insurance Claims Drives Some Dairy Farms to the Brink

Now that winter is truly underway across the nation, dairy farmers in cold and snowy regions across the United States are hitting their most financially difficult time of year. As feed and heating costs increase, some farmers may be looking back to their still-unresolved insurance claims from flooding earlier in the year and wishing they could get that resolution now, when it matters most. But their claims have been delayed, and no one is returning their calls.

Delayed Flood Insurance Claims Leave Dairy Farmers Feeling Helpless—Even Months Later

Unfortunately, insurance companies make money by delaying claims, especially when many hundreds or thousands of people have been affected in the event. For dairy farmers, who depend on the health of their livestock and regular production for survival, the idea of waiting for six months or more for payment of a flood insurance claim can be unthinkable. Insurance delays that drag on can threaten the long-term health of your farm and your agricultural business, and many farmers end up feeling helpless and hopeless when dealing with their flood insurance carrier. However, if you are feeling the winter crunch from an unresolved flood insurance claim, you should know that you can get help.

Consider Speaking With a Policyholder Attorney Experienced With Farm Insurance Claims When Flood Claims Are Delayed

Although these kinds of tactics from insurers are very common, dairy farms do not have to settle for less or keep waiting in mystery when claims go unresolved. By reaching out to an experienced attorney about what’s happening with your claim, you’ll get the most current and relevant facts about your rights as the insured and what you can do to hurry your claim along and get the financial help you need.

Don’t wait any longer to get informed about farm insurance claims and your policyholder rights. Request your FREE copy of our book, Understanding Agricultural Insurance Claims, and start taking action on an unfairly delayed claim today.


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