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Timely Reporting Makes a Difference in Governmental Hail Claims

When governments and public agencies are affected by a major hailstorm, it can be easy to put off insurance concerns until all the major priorities—health, safety, and restoration of services—have been met. However, it’s important that you don’t wait too long to report the damage and file the appropriate hail insurance claims. If you don’t act promptly, you could risk:

  • Failing to notify the insurance company within the time limits laid out in the policy
  • Making repairs or clearing damage before it has been thoroughly documented for insurance purposes
  • Worsening of initial damages or failure of temporary repairs
  • Delaying the resolution of your hail insurance claim

However, governmental policyholders need to take extra care in reporting hail damage and filing claims, so it may be wise to wait long enough to get all your documentation in order. There are many steps involved in appropriately assessing, documenting, and reporting storm damages for an insurance claim, and any mistakes could cost policyholders both precious time and money in the end. Keep in mind, though, that taking too long to organize a claim could have a negative effect on your claim—so it’s important to prioritize the necessary steps.  

If you are having trouble getting the support you need to recover losses after a major hailstorm, give our legal team a call today at 888-614-7730. We have helped local governments, school boards, and public agencies recover after major loss events, and we provide a wide range of legal services focused on insurance claims and storm recovery for governmental policyholders.


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