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Employees can be your company’s best representative; however, they can also be the worst. When a disgruntled employee posts harmful comments on Facebook or Twitter about your company, it can have an adverse effect on business.

Millions of people use social media sites in their everyday lives, as there are currently about 850 million Facebook users and 465 million Twitter accounts (both constantly growing). Chances are that some of your employees make up part of these statistics and use social media sites. So what stops them from posting confidential information about your company or harmful comments about your business or products? Nothing will, unless there is a social media policy in place and they have been trained and talked to about this matter.

Seek Help Creating any Texas Business Contract – Especially a Social Media Policy

A social media policy is necessary to protect your business. When you create a social media policy, you need to make sure the contract is drafted correctly to allow your employees to feel free to use social media on their own time but prohibit them from saying harmful things about your company or products.

For help creating a social media policy for your business or for help drafting any business contract or policy, call an experienced Houston business and contract lawyer at the Voss Law Firm at (866) 276-6179. You will receive a free consultation and a free copy of our book, Business Disputes – Critical Information for All Business Owners.

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