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Take These Steps After An Adverse Event Strikes Your Company

When something goes wrong at your company, from a severe storm to an explosion to a flood, it is vital that you protect your brand and your name in the days and weeks after the event. Informing the public and your employees, explaining the event, and sharing your plans for recovery are all necessities. Where should you start? Here are seven tips:

  1. Get the facts. Before you tell anyone anything, make sure you have your story straight. Not sharing the truth could add another disaster to the one you are already dealing with.
  2. Use a spokesperson. A spokesperson can ensure that your company’s message is consistent and accurate. He or she can prevent a different message from getting out, or other issues with the media. Be sure to inform your employees not to give official statements in addition to the spokesperson’s statement.
  3. Utilize press releases and press conferences. Press releases and press conferences are your chance to clearly send your message to the media. Use these tools carefully, and make certain that you present the facts in the best way possible while eliminating any rumors or confusion surrounding the issue.
  4. Use your social media accounts. Social media can be your best friend in the days and weeks after an adverse event at your company. Use this outlet to inform the public of what happened and to respond carefully to questions and concerns.
  5. Post a video. While it is great to post written content on your website or blog, it can also be helpful to post a video explaining the situation as well as your proposed response. Share the video on your social media accounts—especially YouTube—and on your website.
  6. Don’t forget internal communication. Many companies focus on their external communications after a disaster, severe weather event, or other loss event. Don’t forget to first inform and educate your employees, and to answer their questions and concerns.
  7. Reach out to industry experts. The public may be suspicious of believing what you have to say. Don’t hesitate to contact others in the industry who can help you spread and explain your message.

Our industrial insurance claim attorneys can help you make repairs after disaster strikes—and protect your brand from damage. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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