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After Your Commercial Property is Damaged, Think About Your Brand

After your commercial property has been affected by a loss event—such as a large storm or structural issue—you have a lot on your mind. First and foremost, you are concerned with repairing any damage done to your properties and resuming operations as quickly as possible. However, you should also be thinking about how this disaster may affect your brand – and what you can do to protect what you have spent so much effort building.

Is your brand in danger after a storm or other loss event?

When your commercial property is damaged in a storm—or other unpreventable event—it is usually not your company’s fault. However, even though your industrial property issue may have nothing to do with how you run your business, it may not appear that way to the public. Especially if workers were injured during the incident, or especially if you had to stop operations, you may have to take action to protect your brand after a loss event.

What does the public think about my commercial property damage?

If your industrial site was damaged by a recent event, the public may blame your company for what happened, especially if they do not have all of the information about what happened and why. Protecting your brand may be vital if your loss event involved a roof collapse, a fire, or an explosion, or if someone was injured in the event.

How can you protect your brand?

Protecting your brand begins even before a loss event happens. Make sure that you have a strong public relations team, working social media outlets, and a plan in case of disaster. After an event occurs, be sure to act fast and get the true story out to the public as quickly as possible.

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