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Five Steps to Take After Insurance Claim Underpayment

Underpaid insurance claims can be even trickier than claims that are denied altogether. It can be difficult to prove that you were shortchanged, and many homeowners don’t want to fight through the red tape just to get 10 or 20 percent more on their claim. However, you should know that underpaying claims is illegal—and that you deserve as much payment as you agreed upon when you signed your policy. 

If you believe that your home insurance claim has been underpaid, take these five steps: 

  1. Review your policy and coverage. Don’t get into an argument without knowing all of the facts. Read your insurance policy carefully, especially the part pertaining to coverage and claims. 
  2. Ask for an explanation. Call your insurance company, and ask for all information about your claim, including how the amount was calculated. Don’t be afraid to ask for the supervisor, and be sure to make copies of every document you receive. 
  3. Consider hiring your own adjuster. When the insurance company sends an adjuster to view the damage, you should understand that they are not working for you; they are working for the insurance company. Consider hiring your own adjuster to give a second, unbiased opinion. 
  4. Learn about the appeals process. Ask your insurance company about the appeals process, and carefully note the steps, deadlines, and requirements. 
  5. Talk to an attorney. If you are having difficulty with your claim, it may be time to speak to an experienced Texas insurance claim attorney about your case.

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