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Florida Braces For Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian is expected to make landfall along Florida's west coast on Wednesday morning, after tearing through Cuba and leaving 11 million people without electricity. Residents of Florida's west coast are being urged to evacuate to safer ground, and those who remain in the area are being advised to stock up on supplies and prepare for power outages. Hurricane Ian is expected to bring heavy rains and strong winds to the area, which could result in significant damage to property and infrastructure, ultimately leading to a number of insurance claims. Hurricane warnings have been issued for: Polk, Lake, Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties. Our attorneys at The Voss Law Firm are closely monitoring this storm, and are here to help with any denied, delayed, or underpaid insurance claims.

Florida Braces For Hurricane Ian

As of 9 a.m., Ian had strengthened to an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane, just 2 mph shy of Category 5 status. Hurricane Ian Will Bring Extensive Damage and Insurance ClaimsThe storm is expected to cause life-threatening storm surge, catastrophic winds and flooding in the Florida peninsula. The center of Ian is forecast to pass west of the Florida Keys within the next few hours, and approach the west coast of Florida within areas under a hurricane warning on Wednesday. Some models are showing that Ian could make landfall as a strong Category 4 hurricane, with sustained winds up to 155 mph.

“Clearly, this is a very powerful major hurricane that’s going to have major impacts, both on impact in southwest Florida, but then as it continues to work through the state,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said from the state Emergency Operations Center in Tallahassee this morning. “It is going to have major, major impacts in terms of wind, in terms of rain, in terms of flooding, so this is going to be a nasty, nasty day — two days.”

Latest Forecast Tracking

Here’s the latest forecast track, including the so-called “spaghetti models,” which show the range of possible tracks based on various computer models:

Forecast Tracking for Hurricane Ian

What is a Hurricane Warning?

A Hurricane Warning is issued when hurricane conditions are expected within the warning area. Man Riding Bike Before Hurricane Ian Makes LandfallThis usually occurs 36 hours before the anticipated first occurrence of tropical-storm-force winds. These conditions can make outside preparations difficult or dangerous, so it is important to rush to complete any preparations to protect life and property. When a Hurricane Warning is issued, it is important to pay attention to local news and weather reports for updates on the hurricane's track and intensity. If a hurricane is likely to affect your area, you should take steps to prepare your home and property for high winds and flooding. Hurricanes can cause extensive damage, so it is important to be prepared before one strikes.

Steps to Take When a Hurricane Warning is Issued

When facing the threat of a powerful hurricane, its always better to be proactive rather than reactive. The following are steps you can take to ensure you minimize damage to your property and loved ones.

  • Prepare to bring inside any lawn furniture, outdoor decorations or ornaments, trash cans, hanging plants, and anything else that can be picked up by the wind.
  • Understand hurricane forecast models and cones.
  • Prepare to cover all the windows of your home. If shutters have not been installed, use precut plywood.
  • Check batteries and stock up on canned food, first-aid supplies, drinking water, and medication.
  • Bottled water: One gallon of water per person per day
  • Assemble a first-aid kit
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Listen to the advice of local officials. If you are advised to evacuate, leave.

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