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When Insurance Litigation Isn’t the Right Choice for Municipalities

When governmental insurance claims can’t be resolved in a reasonable fashion, litigation may be a necessary next move. While our legal team will never back down from litigation that will get results for our clients, we also understand that litigation may not be the right option in every case. When your agency or municipality comes to us with questions about litigation, we will weigh cost-benefit ratio with you, taking into account the:

  • Expense of litigation. Depending on the extent of your municipality’s losses, it may not make sense to incur the extra expense of taking a claim to litigation.
  • Additional time needed to resolve a claim in litigation. While you may be able to get more beneficial results from litigation, the process will also take additional time—even after you’ve already been waiting for months to resolve a claim.
  • Other stresses and demands of the legal process. Taking a municipality or government agency through the litigation process can be stressful at all levels and create unexpected challenges. Talk with an experienced policyholder attorney if you believe the legal process of insurance litigation may create unique problems.

As you negotiate insurance claims for your municipality’s losses, it may be unclear how the process will end and what action might be required. Our experienced policyholder attorneys prepare every claim as though it may go to litigation so that you have all of the options you need to make your insurance claims and recovery efforts a success. To learn more, call our team today, or fill out the contact form on this page with your concerns.

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