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Transitioning From a Simple Governmental Insurance Claim to Complicated Insurance Litigation

Policyholders who file insurance claims on behalf of school districts, local governments, and public agencies often expect a tidy and professional claims process, but many are disappointed to find out that the insurance company is cutting corners, or even violating policyholders’ rights. When it becomes clear that your municipality is not getting anywhere in negotiations over a claim for losses, it might be time to consider transitioning your claim into litigation.

Three Things to Consider Before Moving a Governmental Insurance Claim to Litigation

While unfair delays, denials, and problems can push some policyholders to make impulsive decisions, don’t be too quick to jump into litigation. Here are three things for governmental policyholders should do before committing to litigation:

  • Consult with a legal team experienced with governmental claims. An experienced policyholder attorney can work with you to determine the source of the problem, support your claim, and potentially avoid going to litigation. And, if litigation is necessary, an experienced legal team can aggressively fight for the outcome your municipality deserves.
  • Consider all of your options. There may be other options available that better suit your needs after governmental losses, and it’s important to consider the full picture before choosing litigation.
  • Prepare for the move toward litigation. If it is clear that litigation is the best answer in your case, it’s time to start taking steps to organize and prepare for the legal process.

Our Experienced Legal Team Is Ready to Help Your Municipality or Agency Fight for the Coverage it Deserves

For more information about what your municipality or government agency can do after a claim has been denied or delayed, consult with an experienced policyholder attorney today. At The Voss Law Firm, we focus on full-service support for large and complicated claims, and we have hands-on experience helping individuals, municipalities, businesses, and agencies maximize their insurance claims. Contact us today for prompt assistance with your claim.

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