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Underpaid Insurance Claims Are a Threat to Your Municipality’s Recovery From Losses

Many municipalities don’t question the low payments they receive for their losses under their insurance policies. While these underpayments and denials can unfairly leave municipalities struggling to recover from storms and other loss events, the insurance company’s decisions aren’t questioned—but maybe they should be.

Underpaid Claims Prevent Municipalities From Fully Recovering From Losses

Insurance companies—even those that provide the policies your municipality pays for—are interested in protecting their own bottom lines, and that can mean that these companies sometimes act unfairly when adjusting government or agency losses. This often translates into low-ball payments for struggling communities, and those unfairly low payments can mean that the municipality’s ability to recover is dramatically slowed—or even stopped entirely. Schools, public utilities, government functions, and public services may remain interrupted longer than planned, and municipalities can suffer.

Your Municipality Can Get Experienced Help With Underpaid Damage Claims

If you believe that your municipality’s insurance carrier has underpaid or miscalculated you losses, don’t hesitate to consult with an experienced policyholder attorney. The legal team at The Voss Law Firm has helped governmental agencies and entities across the nation, and we would be happy to put our expertise to work for your community. For more information, simply call or email our office today.

Staying up to date on the issues that affect your insurance coverage and loss claims can help you act more effectively when the worst happens. For regularly updated news and information about policyholder concerns, connect with the Voss Law Firm on Facebook, or take a moment today to subscribe to our informative monthly newsletter.

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