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Inspecting Your Commercial Property for Hail Damage Is Vital to Protecting Your Claim

Greenhouse roof has been destroyed by falling hailYou may trust your employees to deliver damage reports after high winds or thunderstorms tear through the area, but hail storms require a special form of attention. Attorney Bill Voss has seen many hail damage claims denied because property owners were unaware that any serious damage had occurred—and those who failed to properly inspect their properties after a storm often saw their claims denied.

Warning Signs That You Should Inspect Your Property for Hail Damage

The biggest cost to business owners after a hail storm is roof damage. The damage to a roof may not be readily apparent, and it can take several years after the damage occurs for the roof to leak. As a result, many insurance claims for roof damage are denied simply because the damage was not detected early. For this reason, it is vital that property owners visit their business sites and conduct a proper inspection.

Common warning signs that there may be roof damage include:

  • Damage to trees or landscaping. If your property is littered with branches, shingles, and other debris, there’s a good chance that the hail has shredded more than just your foliage and flowers.
  • Broken windows or siding. Damage to the sides of the building is a good indicator of damage to the roof. Inspect windows, door screens, siding, and outdoor air conditioning units for dents, bends, or breakage.
  • Dented vehicles. You could be liable for damage to the cars that are parked on your property, so be sure to check for any dents or chipped windshields.

When you visit your property, you should be sure to take pictures and video that can substantiate your claim. Make sure you get pictures of any hailstones you can find (next to a tape measure for scale), pictures of the roof, and a full 360-tour video of the outside of the buildings. You may wish to hire a professional to inspect the roof for missing or torn shingles, evidence of leaks into the attic, or any potential problems that can cause structural damage.

Before filing your commercial insurance claim, you should have all of the evidence necessary to claim all of the damage, not just the most pressing issue that needs repair. The Voss Law Firm, P.C. helps policyholders get the insurance coverage they have paid for, allowing them to move on after a storm. Fill out the form on this page today to speak to an attorney about getting the maximum coverage in your commercial insurance dispute.

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