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Complex Tornado Damages Open the Door for Church Coverage Misunderstandings

A tornado can affect a church property in a number of ways, which might include:

  • Direct damage to roofing from high winds
  • Interior water damage from leaks and window breakage
  • Damage from flying debris and downed trees
  • Damage from driving rain accompanying the tornado
  • Flood waters that rise after the storm
  • Problems with sewage and water systems

And while you may see all of the damage to your church and assume it’s all going to be covered by your tornado policy, you might be in for some big surprises when you file a claim. 

Different Types of Damage Accompanying a Tornado Are Part of the Confusing Problem

The way some church insurance policies are written, only some of the losses from a tornado are actually covered. While direct damage to a roof might be included in the policy, it might exclude more indirect damages like post-storm flooding, leaks caused by punctures in the building, damage to grounds or vehicles, and more. While you may go into a claim believing that you’ll get all the coverage you need to recover, the truth is that arguments over what your policy really covers could slowly whittle down the damages you are owed. However, it may be possible to take control of your claim for tornado damages and maximize your compensation for losses.  

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