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Not Adequately Documenting Damages Can Harm Your Residential Claim

When you file an insurance claim for residential damage due to a fire, storm, hail, hurricane, tornado or other type of disastrous force, you need to adequately document the extent and nature of the real property damage and your personal property loss. 


When victims of natural disasters do not adequately document their property damages and losses, their insurance claim is not accurate. When filing a residential insurance claim in Texas, make sure it begins with accurate documentation of items, fixtures, and real property that was lost.


Documentation should start happening from the very beginning and especially before the lot is cleared. It should look at two areas for consideration – structural and geological damage as well as material losses. 


Structural damage and geological damage are damages that have occurred to the engineering and construction aspects of the home and property. In order for this to be properly documented, a site survey may need to be performed to look at structural damage, plumbing, construction, flooring, roofing etc. 


Who Can Inspect Your Home Accurately to Help Support Your Insurance Claim?


Lawyers have engineers and experts whom they can call on to inspect your home. These experts have dealt with insurance companies and residential insurance claims and know how to properly document the extent of your property damages so that your claim will be supported. 


However, you will still need to sift through your personal material possessions to identify your material losses. Talk with a lawyer who is skilled in insurance litigation in Texas to find out answers to your questions. 


You can contact a qualified Texas insurance claim attorney for help with your Texas residential claim and for a free legal consultation at the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730.

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