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This week we discussed the importance of insuring church property—and of keeping documented inventory list that proves your ownership. However, although it is important to know how to prepare for and file a church insurance claim regarding stolen property, it is also important to take steps to prevent theft and stealing.

Unlike other organizations, churches and places of worship face unique issues when it comes to theft—by definition, their doors are almost always open to strangers. In addition, religious buildings often contain enrichment and educational tools, including some costly items, like electronics.

How can you protect your church’s property against theft?

  • Lock away small expensive items in designated rooms or cabinets. This ensures that even when churches are open for events, these items are protected.
  • Consider a garage for church vehicles, as opposed to keeping them in church parking lots.
  • Invest in better outdoor lighting for your church; this discourages nighttime theft and vandalism.
  • Keep track of church keys. The keys to the building, as well as the keys to locked rooms and cabinets, should only be given to responsible, trustworthy adults who have a history with the church.
  • Close your shades. Some thieves don’t get the idea to break into a building unless they see something worth stealing. Keeping your windows shut and valuables out of sight discourages theft.

Remember: even though a church would like to put its trust in everyone who walks through the door, it is not wrong to protect the property and to take steps to prevent theft.

If your church’s property has been stolen, you may be able to replace it by filing a church insurance claim. If you need assistance with this claim, or if your claim has been denied or underpaid, we are here to help. Call the Texas church insurance attorneys at The Voss Law Firm today: 888-614-7730.

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