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Theft, Stolen Property & Filing Church Insurance Claims

Unfortunately, churches and other places of worship too often suffer from vandalism and stolen property. In some cases, this is because churches are unlocked and welcome visitors from off of the street—putting trust in those who step through their doors. In other cases, it is because the thieves are making a statement about religion through unlawful actions. Either way, places of worship need to have insurance policies that protect against theft and vandalism.

Is your church covered in the case of theft?

Read your insurance policy closely to find out if your church can file a claim after goods are stolen from the premises (or from church vehicles, etc.). If you are covered, make sure that your coverage is sufficient: If your most expensive items are stolen, will you be able to replace them with your claim money?

Do you have proof of ownership?

A common mistake that churches make when it comes to filing stolen property claims is not having evidence that they owned the property in the first place. Having a documented property inventory is key, and updating that inventory list should be a regular task at your place of worship. Your property inventory may include:

  • Receipts of purchased items
  • Owner’s manuals
  • Boxes and product packaging
  • Appraisals
  • Titles of ownership
  • Photographs of the items
  • Video of the items

The more evidence you have related to your church property, the better chance you have of a fair and accurate settlement.

Texas Church Claim Attorneys

A church and its congregation can be devastated by a serious theft and loss of property. Make sure that you settle your insurance claim properly. At The Voss Law Firm, our church insurance lawyers can make certain that you receive a fair settlement according to your policy. Call to schedule a free appointment to discuss your case:  888-614-7730.

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