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Confusing Clauses Keep Church Policyholders From Fairly Resolving Tornado Claims

When you last reviewed your church’s insurance policies, you thought you had full coverage for tornado damage. However, after a tornado actually hit your community and did damage to church property, you found out that your interpretation of your coverage didn’t really match up with the insurance company’s interpretation. It seems sad and unfair, but church policyholders often find themselves locked in a confusing battle with the insurance company over certain terms and definitions related to tornado coverage, and those disagreements can make what should be a straightforward claim for losses impossibly complex.

Squabbles Over Clauses Are More Common Than Many Church Policyholder Understand

Although you may believe that you’re at the mercy of the insurance company’s interpretation of the policies you carry, the truth is that it’s often a trick to avoid paying the full value of your claim. In an attempt to minimize tornado claims, the insurance company may bring up squabbles about exactly how your tornado policy covers:

  • Replacements versus repairs
  • Damage to the grounds and outdoor features
  • Water damage in the aftermath of a storm
  • Replacement of decorative windows and historically or culturally valuable property
  • Other specific terms and clauses in your tornado or general policies

While these denials may sometimes be legitimate, the problem is that it can be nearly impossible for church policyholders to make sense of complicated policy terms or even begin to argue with the insurance company’s denial of a tornado claim.

Unfortunately, it isn’t unusual for policyholders of all kinds to run into these kinds of problems when filing insurance claims after a loss event, but it is possible to get help. Get informed about this and other common issues by reading through our free book, Tricks of the Trade: How Insurance Companies Deny, Delay, Confuse, and Refuse, or contact us directly to start taking action on a denied or difficult claim today.

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