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Remedies When Processing of an Insurance Claim Drags On Answered By Nation's Top Policyholder Attorney Bill Voss

Remedies When Processing of an Insurance Claim Drags On

Making an insurance claim can be a very traumatic experience. Your property is damaged in a terrible calamity like the tornados that hit several towns in Kentucky and Indiana recently. You worry about your family’s safety. You remember taking out insurance on your property so you call the insurance company to make an insurance claim.  The company’s representatives entertain you but you feel that they are giving you the runaround. But you feel that you have no other choice but to wait for the insurance company to get back to you. You feel as if you are at its mercy and you are being made to beg for something that you actually paid for.

I’m sure this scenario sounds familiar, especially to those who have experienced making an insurance claim.

Admittedly, insurance companies are busy and swamped with thousands of claims. Calamities seem to come one after the other, barely leaving time for people to recover. But a heavy workload is not an excuse. These insurance companies have a responsibility to the public who availed of their services. They cannot reap the benefits of your premium payments while evading their duty to provide you with the proceeds of your insurance when calamity strikes.

Here is a look at the steps you need to take when you feel that your insurance claim is dragging on:

Inspection. Once you file your claim with the insurance company, its insurance adjuster should contact you. Your home should likewise be inspected for damage and destruction.
Follow-up. If several months have lapsed and you have not heard from the adjuster and your home has not been inspected yet, make sure to follow-up with your insurance company and remind it of its obligation. Insurance companies are known for giving you the runaround so they can delay paying your claim and in the long run, substantially decrease the proceeds you are entitled to. Make sure to log the dates and times when you followed up your claim so you have proof of the insurance company’s negligence. Keep copies of your correspondence.

Low Offer. Some insurance companies will revert to you within a reasonable amount of time but they will give you a very low offer. They will try to take advantage of your plight, knowing that you would most likely accept any amount they offer. Stand your ground and refuse to accept any amount which you believe is not due you. Negotiate with the insurance company.

Insurance Claims Lawyer. If the insurance company keeps on giving you the runaround or if it insists on its inequitable offer, you might want to consult an insurance claims lawyer. With a lawyer, you can make a formal demand on the insurance company. Hopefully, the company will feel threatened when you do this. It might at least want to go back to the negotiating table. Your interests would also be protected when you have a lawyer with you. If the insurance company still insists on its stance, your lawyer will be able to advise you on next steps you can take against the insurance company. Don’t worry about the expenses. Most lawyers give free consultation so you can assess the strength of your claim and they’ll help you get your insurance proceeds in no time at all.

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