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Taking Action Now to Make Condominium Wind-Damage Claims Easier Later

Windstorms can cause costly damages to roofing, windows, siding, and other features of a condominium property. While condo unit owners may not be thinking about spring and summer windstorms in the middle of winter, it’s actually a great time to get prepared just in case 2015 brings high winds or a major storm to your area. In that spirit, here are a few steps you can take right now that might help you a great deal if you have to file a claim for wind damage later on this year:

  • Take extensive photographs of your unit. This should include photographs of the interior, any areas you are responsible for, and even significant contents and personal property inside your unit.
  • Make a list of your property inside the unit. Along with the photographs, make a list of all the property and contents inside your unit, including estimated values if you have them.
  • Save any receipts or documentation of changes or renovations. If you’ve made changes to the unit or upgraded some features, keep the documentation and store it with your insurance information, property list, and photographs.
  • Makes sure your insurance coverage still suits your needs. If you haven’t looked over your insurance policies lately, take some time soon to look over your coverage and responsibilities if your condo is affected by wind damage.

Unfortunately, claims for wind-damage losses are often underpaid or denied, and unit owners may not understand their rights during the claims process—even if they do everything they can to prepare for the worst. If you are having trouble coming to a resolution on a wind-damage claim for your condo unit, contact our law office today for immediate assistance with your concerns.


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