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So, you think that your insurance company is not offering enough in response to your property damage claim. What should you do about it? Sadly, a large number of people get upset about being treated unfairly but end up accepting the lowball amount and moving on. If you want to be paid accurately and fairly, though, you need to take action and find out exactly why you are being offered the incorrect amount. Here’s what you should do:

  • Know you can reopen your claim. Many people believe that once their claim is closed, all hope is lost of getting the amount that they deserve. This is not the case, even if the storm or incident took place several years ago. Talk to an attorney about whether you can reopen your claim and get paid the full amount you are owed.
  • Read the property section of your insurance policy. What is covered and what is excluded? What are your duties? You may need to produce more evidence of how much you are owed. Or, you may discover that your insurance company is acting in bad faith.
  • Realize the insurance company’s best interests. It’s simple: the insurance company is looking for reasons to underpay your claim. Perhaps you didn’t prepare your documents properly or produce evidence of loss. It’s in their best interest to pay you less and make a bigger profit. You have to act in your best interests and fight for the correct amount.

Talk to an attorney. The first big step to getting paid accurately is doing your homework and talking to someone who knows about property damage claims. A Texas residential claims attorney can help you understand the claims process as well as home much you should really receive after your property was damaged. To schedule an appointment at the Voss Law Firm, call us today at 888-614-7730.


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