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My store was burglarized. How should I report it to the insurance company so that my claim isn't denied?

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your business following a burglary is to document everything. Some people have a tendency to overthink whether or not they "really" need to do something following a burglary. In order to fully back up your claim to the insurance company, you need to cover yourself from every angle possible.

Go through your store and make a list of every single thing that is missing, checking it against any inventory information you may have. Take note of when these things were originally purchased for the store, the cost and proof that no customer bought them. Type the list up on your computer, save it and e-mail it to yourself. Doing this will put a date and time stamp on the document and you will be able to prove when the list was created in case they try to say you made the list before the burglary.

You also need to file a police report—this should actually be the very first thing you do. Get the authorities in there to assess the damage and be sure to get a copy of the police report. If there's anything on the report that you disagree with, be sure to discuss that with the officer before you sign anything. Once you have a copy of the police report and your list of missing items, you are ready to contact your insurance company.

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