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Get Relief for Your Community After a Disaster: FEMA Public Assistance Programs

After a severe weather event, such as a hurricane, tornado, or flood, your community may be suffering badly. Buildings could be damaged, roads and bridges may be unusable, and the local government is likely over-extended. Your first plan of action should be to file insurance claims with the appropriate companies. Additionally, you may want to consider obtaining relief from FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Who does FEMA help?

When many people think of FEMA, they think about the agency’s individual assistance program which helps homeowners and renters restore their property and recover from a storm or flood. However, FEMA also runs a second program, called the Public Assistance (PA) program. This program is tailored to help state governments, local governments, and non-profit organizations after a disaster.

What help does FEMA offer communities?

FEMA can help towns, cities, counties, and states repair infrastructure including roads, bridges, public buildings, public lands, utilities, and more. Not only can it assist with clearing debris and making emergency repairs, but it can also assist with all phases of the rebuilding process. Finally, it can help with other disaster-related expenses, such as overtime for emergency responders, police, and firefighters.

Which communities qualify for FEMA assistance?

Before you can secure FEMA assistance, your state’s government must formally request federal help in writing. In this request, the governor must write that the state has been overwhelmed by a disaster and cannot recover from the consequences without help on a national level. In response, the President may declare a national disaster area. At this point, your local community may apply for FEMA PA. Specifically, you will have 30 days to submit a Request for Public Assistance.

Texas Governmental Insurance Claims and FEMA Help

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